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About Us

Mug & Mason is the result of a lifelong love of food, growing up in the south and a strong appreciation of ancestral heritage. There is nothing better than sitting down to enjoy a meal that can not only fulfill your hunger but evoke memories and emotions as well. That's comfort food. Food should also tell a story. Our food weaves a tale of southern hospitality that was grown from roots that are deeply embedded in Scottish history and heritage. 

Enjoy our perspective on classic southern comfort foods infused with foods and flavors that are comfort foods from Scotland Ireland, England, and Wales.


Southern Roots

The food at Mug & Mason is inspired by all of the comfort foods people that live in the south have grown up sharing with family and friends. Simple, honest, and full of flavor.

Food that brings people together.

Scottish Heritage

Many families in East Tennessee and the south have ancestral ties to Scotland and Ireland. It is our privilege to honor those family origins and work to keep the long standing traditions of food and family alive through the dishes we serve.

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